Saturday, May 31, 2008

In Loving Memory of Rosline Lam Soo Kean

Time has passed on so fast that it is Rosline's birthday on this very date, 31st of May, where she would have celebrated her 21st with a big bash if she were still around. Rest assured, the times in TBF will not be forgotten by all of us in Group 2, as you'll remain as our one and only best friend and also our beloved class rep.

Let's all have a moment of silence on this very day. And this post is specially dedicated to you.

In loving memory, Rosline Lam Soo Kean
31 May 1987 - 1 August 2006

You remain in our memories forever.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dato' Nazir Razak - CIMB Group CEO

A meaningful quote from the CEO himself:

CIMB Group CEO Dato Nazir Razak : “My worry is that when the government is trying so hard to help the Bumiputeras, it may hamper and undermine their future and achievements. When you give them contracts and money easily, you are actually undermining the spirit of entrepreneurship.”

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Not too long ago (a few days ago), my beloved Compaq Presario V3010AU decided to self-destruct itself for seeing me starting to study so early due to unknown reason. Right now, its sitting in George's home after the final tests had been done to ensure that its really dead before committing myself to getting a new one.

The laptop that was laid to rest

Honestly, Dell has disappointed me for the first and the last time in getting one of their Vostro series by forcing me to take the parts upgrade worth £60 as a trade-off for a free delivery, BUT THEIR WEBSITE SAYS ITS FREE DELIVERY. Wtf. Daylight robbery in progress. What a way to treat your customers and even dare to tell them that "Sir, even if you placed your order on the website, it will get declined the next day". So tell me then, why does Dell bother to update their website with their latest offer if customer's aren't entitled to purchase them? FFS

The designated successor of the Compaq

O.o''' *Lenovo nudges Dell over* o.O'''

Lenovo N200 3000 stages a coup-de-etat

Yeh, since Dell doesn't care about their kuchirat customers (i.e. purchases not more than £400), I moved on to get myself a Lenovo 3000 N200. Specs are so much better (except for the proc, but cousin says its quite ok) and a dedicated graphic card, all for £30 extra. No longer do I need to entertain some idiotic sales department personnels, its all down to peace and quiet now.