Friday, August 29, 2008

Mei's 20th

Been too busy recently to drag my sorry lil butt to update. Just a short update just to waste some space and also to advertise Mei's 20th birthday that is.

Mei is one of the youngest graduate ever for a bachelor degree holder in my course. At 20. Deng. As per the usual routine, a birthday dinner coupled together with a birthday song and a birthday cake and THE BIRTHDAY GIRL was the main attraction at that night.

The Birthday Girl and the BF

Venue was over at Gasoline, Lookout Point, Kuala Lumpur. First sight of the place? Impressive. After the first sight? Horrendous. Besides having the poor Pang Han suffering from their tendency to breed prawns whenever they're ordered, the poor guy had to starve for more than 1 1/2 hours before finally changing his order to something else. Throw in a pair of speakers with one side being the Treble and the other being the Bass, you'd probably get frustrated, especially if you're sitting near the speaker with the Treble.

The KL night view

And, thanks to Amy for being the entertainer for the night, where she perfomed her trademark show of "playing with the THING" at the request of PaPa BeaR. We thought it was a free performance till PaPa BeaR's orange juice was disappearing as though the jar that he drank from had sprung a leak. Till. We discovered Amy being the "leak". LoL

Amy. Trying to play with the THING.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I LoL-ed at this PLKN advertisment

High School Musical 2?

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Confession. By Someone. To Someone.

.ph. says:
i din get to discuss much with her
.ph. says:
problem is i dun have her contact

.ph. says:
wats her number in mas?
.ph. says:
er no1 wanna gimme her number? >.<
.ph. says:
mei if u dun want to make it happen at least gimme her number lor

m E i says:
.ph. says:
eh i got her number d wor hahaha

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Online E-Boutiques

Finally had some time to park my butt in front of the PC ever since I've landed in Malaysia, here's an update for those girls who are seeking for new pieces of clothings...But hey! Its not an all-girls only e-boutiques as guys could probably take a sneak peek and surprise their other half with these gorgeous pieces offered by the two e-boutiques.

The two boutiques can be found respectively at: ( And. A lil sneak peek shall we? =P )

Dainty Dresser -


Dainty Dresser - Fulfilling all your shopaholic desires

Devilish Bunnies -


Devilish Bunnies - The store with loads of bunnies <3

Modelled by gorgeous models, its definately a not-to-miss opportunity to grab some of the really nice pieces that are currently on sale. Hurry while stocks last!

p/s: The models aren't for sale LOL!

Selamat Pengantin Baru...

And I was just reading back on Francis and Ai Vea's wedding post dedication and finally the question of "which would be the next lucky couple to tie the knot?" is finally answered. Curious? Read below.

Well, had my wedding invitation from Natasha and her beau, Arif and this is the second wedding invitation that I've got invited to, first of which, was Francis and Ai Vea's wedding.

Held on the 3rd of August 2008 at the 3K Community Complex in SS13 Subang Jaya, we had a contingent of about 10 people from UWE who had attended the wedding. Food and entertainment at the wedding was great, preparations and the wedding reception itself was splendid indeed!

Didn't bring my cam out, so will have to make do with pictures taken by Raqib's trusty 7.1mp camera. And of course without the guidance from camwhore queen, we shall end this post with one. and only ONE picture. =P =P =P

Nik Natasha and Arif, the Raja and Permaisuri on their wedding day...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here's to Westerner(s)


A perfect defense when being caught sleeping during lectures/tutorials